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Cafe Menu (All items)


Bagels: Plain, Poppy, Sesame, Cinnamon Raisin, Wheat, Egg, Blueberry, French Toast, Tomato Basil, Everything, Onion, Spinach.

Bread: Wheat 7 Grain, Rye, Marble Rye, Pumpernickel, White.

Other: Kaiser Roll, English Muffin or Wheat English Muffin.

Choice of a bagel, bread, roll, english muffin or wheat english muffin

Up to four toppings and one slice of toast.

Toppings: Green Peppers, Onions, Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Spinach, Broccoli,Black olives, Bacon, Sausage, Turkey Bacon,Turkey Sausage, Ham, Cheddar Cheese, American Cheese, Feta Cheese.

Egg White, turkey bacon & cheese on seven grain wheat toast.

Egg white and cheese on wheat English muffin.

Egg white, fresh spinach and cheese on wheat English muffin.

Egg & cheese, homefries, meat and toast

Up to four toppings:
Fresh strawberries, fresh blueberries, banana, brown sugar, cinnamon, honey, walnuts, almonds, dry cranberries.


Sandwich Breads: Wheat seven Grain, Rye, Marble Rye, Pumpernickel and White.

Wraps: Wheat, Spinach, Tomato.

Italian Hoagie Roll: Small and Large Seeded, served with lettuce and tomato and spices (onion by request).

Cheese, $0.50: American, Provolone, Swiss, Cheddar, Pepper Jack, Horseradish Cheddar.

Cheese, $0.75: Sharp Provolone Asiago and Fresh Mozzarella.

$0.30 Sweet Peepers and Hot peppers

$0.75 Avocado, Roasted Peppers, Spinach and Broccoli Rabe

Gourmet Light Turkey
Sandwich $6.95 / Wrap $6.95 / Small Hoagie $6.95, Large Hoagie $8.95 / Club $8.95

Santa Fe Turkey
Sandwich $6.95 / Wrap $6.95 / Small Hoagie $6.95, Large Hoagie $8.95 / Club $8.95

Smoked Turkey
Sandwich $6.95 / Wrap $6.95 / Small Hoagie $6.95, Large Hoagie $8.95 / Club $8.95

Virginia Baked Ham
Sandwich $6.95 / Wrap $6.95 / Small Hoagie $6.95, Large Hoagie $8.95 / Club $8.95

Roast Beef
Sandwich $7.45 / Wrap $7.45 / Small Hoagie $7.45, Large Hoagie $9.45 / Club $8.95

Corned Beef
Sandwich $7.45 / Wrap $7.45 / Small Hoagie $7.45, Large Hoagie $9.45 / Club $8.95

Sandwich $7.45 / Wrap $7.45 / Small Hoagie $7.45, Large Hoagie $9.45 / Club $8.95

Tuna Salad
Sandwich $6.95 / Wrap $6.95 / Small Hoagie $6.95, Large Hoagie $8.95 / Club $8.95

Chicken Salad
Sandwich $6.95 / Wrap $6.95 / Small Hoagie $6.95, Large Hoagie $8.95 / Club $8.95

Seafood Salad
Sandwich $6.95 / Wrap $6.95 / Small Hoagie $6.95, Large Hoagie $8.95 / Club $8.95

Shrimp Salad
Sandwich $7.45 / Wrap $7.45 / Small Hoagie $7.45, Large Hoagie $9.45 / Club $8.95

Egg Salad
Sandwich $6.95 / Wrap $6.95 / Small Hoagie $6.95, Large Hoagie $8.95 / Club $8.95

Served with lettuce, tomato and spices (onion by request)

Chicken Caesar Wrap. Grilled Chicken, Romaine lettuce, Pecorino Romano, Croutons and Caesar Dressing.

Buffalo Chicken Wrap. Buffalo marinated Chicken cutlet with lettuce and tomato.

Pressed Veggie Wrap. Mix Grilled Veggies with feta cheese and balsamic drizzle.

Turkey Club Wrap. Turkey, Bacon, lettuce, tomato and mayo.

Grilled Chicken Sorrento Wrap. Grilled Chicken, spinach, roasted peppers, provolone cheese and pesto.

Chicken Cutlet Wrap. Chicken Cutlet, Roasted Peppers, Spinach and Sharp Provolone.

Roast Beef Special Wrap. Italian Roast Beef with Russian Dressing and Cole Slaw.

Santa Fe Turkey Wrap. Spicy Turkey with Pepper Jack cheese, Avocado, lettuce and tomato.

Served on Jewish Rye Bread with Russian Dressing and Cole Slaw

Lean Corn Beef Special

Roast Beef Special

Pastrami Special

Turkey Special

Served on Jewish Rye Bread with Russian Dressing, Sauerkraut and Swiss.

Lean Corned Beef Reuben

Pastrami Reuben

Turkey Reuben

South Philly Panini. Chicken Cutlet, Prosciutto, Roasted Peppers, Broccoli Rabe, Sharp provolone and Pesto.

Chicken Diablo Panini. Chicken Cutlet, Sopressata, Long Hots and Pepper Jack Cheese.

Chicken Cordon Blue Panini. Chicken Cutlet, Ham, Swiss, and Blue Cheese.

Turkey Asiago Panini. Turkey, Roasted Peppers, Honey Mustard and Asiago Cheese.

Chicken Portobello Panini. Grilled Chicken, Portobello Mushrooms, Tomato Bruschetta and Fresh Mozzarella.

Turkey Avocado Panini. Turkey, Avocado, Pepper Jack cheese and Honey Mustard.

Tuna Melt Panini. Tuna Salad, American Cheese and Tomatoes.


Romaine and Iceberg Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumber, Carrots and Croutons

Crisp Romaine lettuce, Pecorino Romano Cheese, Caesar Dressing and Home made Croutons

same as the Caesar plus Grilled Chicken

spring mix lettuce, walnuts, raisins, carrots, mandarin oranges, grilled chicken and crumble blue cheese

Romaine & Iceberg lettuce, tomato, grilled chicken, bacon and crumble bleu cheese

romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion, kalamata olives and feta cheese

romaine lettuce, tomato, carrots, turkey, hard boiled egg and mix cheese

romaine and iceberg lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrots, craisins and fresh mozzarella

romaine lettuce, cucumber, roast beef, roast turkey, ham, swiss cheese and egg

spring mix, tomato, red onion, shrimp, crabmeat, craisins and roasted peppers

Select Your Dressing: Romano Caesar – Low Fat Italian – Tomato Basil – Balsamic Vinaigrette – Fat Free Asian Sesame Lite Ranch – Honey Mustard – Blue Cheese – Raspberry Vinaigrette – Extra virgin olive oil


Select your base salad: $3.99

Spring Mix


Red Onions

Chick Peas
Black Olives
Green Olives

Green Peppers
Black Beans


Fresh Mozzarella
Crumble Blue Cheese
Feta Cheese
Cheddar Cheese
Artichoke Hearts

Marinated Mushrooms
Bacon Bits
Chopped Egg
Portobello Mushrooms
Calamata Olives

Roasted Red Peppers
Sunflower Seeds
Sesame Sticks


Grilled Chicken (free range)
Balsamic Chicken
Buffalo Chicken
Tuna Salad

Chicken Salad
Grilled Salmon ($2.00)
Shrimp Salad
Seafood Salad

Roasted Turkey
Virginia Ham
Pecorino Romano

Select your dressing

Balsamic Vinaigrette
Romano Caesar
Raspberry Vinaigrette
Tomato Basil

Blue Cheese
Honey Mustard

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Low Fat Italian
Fat Free Asian Sesame

Select your free items


Wheat Dinner Roll (when available)

Coffee & Beverages

Iced Mocha Latte

Iced Vanilla Latte

Iced Caramel Latte

(iced blended drinks)

Mocha latte Frappe

Vanilla latte Frappe

Caramel latter Frappe

Other Beverages

Coke – Diet Coke  – Cherry Coke – Caffeine Free Diet Coke – Cherrry Coke Zero – Dr Pepper – Diet Dr Pepper – Cherry Diet Dr Pepper – Sprite – Sprite Zero – A & W Root Beer – Ginger Ale – Diet Ginger Ale – Pepsi – Diet Pepsi

Lemon – Diet Lemon – Peach – Diet Peach – Raspberry – Diet Raspberry – Half & Half –

Honey Green Tea – Half & Half

Lemon – Diet Lemon – Green Tea Diet – Lemonade

Sumatra Dragon Fruit – Brasilia Blueberry – Malawi Mango – Ipanema Pomegranate

Ocean Blue – Strawberry – Peach

San Pellegrino $1.80 – Aranciata $1.40 – Limonata $1.40

Naked Mango – Naked Blueberry – Bolthouse Strawberry Banana  – Bolthouse Chocolate Protein

XXX Zero – Energy – Power-C

Red Bull $2.30(8.4oz) – Monster Lo-Carb $3.00

Welchs: Orange Juice – Apple Juice – Grape Juice – Cranberry Juice. Nantucket: Pomegranate Pear Juice – Peach Orange Juice. Minute Maid: Orange Juice – Ruby Red Grapefruit – Cranberry Apple Raspberry

Pure Coconut Water – Ice Sparkling Water Lemon Lime – Ice Sparkling Water Black Raspberry – Ice Sparkling Water Pink Grapefruit

Poland Spring 33.8oz $1.80 – Aquafina 16.9oz $1.40 – Dasani 16.9oz $1.40 – Fiji 500ml $1.80 – San Pellegrino 16.9oz $1.80